Food plates stones Many sculptors are believed to have stayed here and worked. They had carved stones to make food plates. They had also made special provisions to wash those plates with water and created provision for the water to flow through and dug a small pit nearby to serve vegetables. This information was conveyed by the inhabitants of this town.

Unfortunately, no one has done a research on these sculptures yet and hence, we do not have any authentic information about their history. A few carvings are seen which are believed to contain a few details about this place.

Breathtaking scriptures are seen at the banks of this huge pond. These include statues of Devi Mahalakshmi and a variety of postures of Lord Krishna in a dance posture, eating butter, holding Govardhana Giri by his fingers, statues of Lord Venkatachalapathy of Tirupati, Lord Varadarajaperumal of Kanchi, statues enacting the scene where Lord Shiva, Lord Perumal, Lord Brahma and Lord Anjaneyar are standing together while the Ocean of milk was being dribbled, statues Lord Sri Ranganathar and Alilai Kannan have been beautifully built.

About 45 years ago, this pond was isolated, completely shadowed by shrubs and bushes. In fact, people were scared to get into this pond. Finally in 2012, a part of this pond was cleared and that was when these statues were found. Whether these statues were brought here, or were they carved out of the stones that were existing here is still undisclosed.

“Two years ago, by seeing the statue of Lord Venkatachalapathy of Tirupati at this Sanctum and of Lord Annamacharya who was standing besides and lighting frankincense, devotees who came from Tirupati temple stayed overnight and sang hymns in Telugu in praise of the Lord. We have not been able to gather complete information about the statues here” said Shri. M. Thillainayagam, from Iyengarkulam