Meaning of the above SlokaChitra Pournami festival celebrated underground There is a well that was built next to the huge pond which is located towards the northern side of this temple. This well is named “Nadavavi Kinaru” and is one of its kind. There are 21 steps that take us down to the water. This lake is 80 feet long, 30 feet broad and 25 feet deep. Once we get down the steps, there is a 16 pillared lobby made of Basalt (Black stone) which also consists of beautiful sculptures. This chamber is showcases unique art of construction.

One can find this well with water throughout the year. However, on the Full Moon day of the Chithirai month, all the water is taken out, for Kanchipuram Sri Varadarajaperumal will preside at this chamber which is deep under this well. Inside this chamber, there is a unique position that has been created for Perumal to be placed.

Once the Arathi is over, Lord Varadarajaperumal is taken around this chamber thrice and then brought to the land. Alongside this pond, we can see “Palaru” in which, Perumal takes a holy dip and presides at this place throughout the night and returns to Kanchipuram the next day. This is a wonderful sight to all the devotees.

Once this is over, the next day, on behalf of the temple, Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Devi Sita will grace this place by taking a dip in this well. Once all these ceremonies are over, this well and the chamber will be covered by water again, which flows from underneath.